The Development Approach of Competencies of Professional Homestay Entrepreneurs by the Principle of Human Resource Management


  • Atcharaphat Khem-akrajet Faculty of Management Science, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University


homestay entrepreneurs, professional competency, human resource development, skills development, sustainable tourism


The objectives of this research were 1) to study The competencies of entrepreneurs who are developing homestay businesses with The competencies of successful homestay business entrepreneurs in Chiang Rai Province 2) Comparing the competencies of homestay business entrepreneurs mentioned in item 1. And 3) Creating professional guidelines for developing the competencies of homestay business entrepreneurs, based on the principles of human resource development. Furthermore, an in-depth interview session, structured, open-ended interviews with 19 participants. The collected qualitative data was analyzed by using a content analysis.

              The research findings revealed that entrepreneurs who are developing homestay businesses have the competencies in 8 aspects. and The competencies of successful homestay business entrepreneurs in 13 aspects. Upon comparing the competencies of entrepreneurs from both communities, it was found that entrepreneurs from both communities share overlapping competencies in certain aspects. Furthermore, the application of these competencies may vary depending on the entrepreneurial path. Successful entrepreneurs rely on experience to achieve their goals. On the other hand, developing entrepreneurs rely on flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to validate their ideas to pave the way for success.

              For the development of professional competencies of homestay business entrepreneurs, it entails: 1) Starting with defining the core competencies required for homestay entrepreneurship. 2) Conducting a self-assessment to identify strengths and areas that need improvement in relation to the core competencies. 3) Setting clear and achievable goals for each competency to be developed. 4) Continuously learning and staying updated with industry trends and best practices. 5) Seeking advice or guidance from experienced homestay operators or industry experts. 6) Utilizing acquired knowledge and skills effectively in their business operations. 7) Networking and collaborating with other homestay operators to exchange ideas and learn from each other, and Striving for continuous improvement and embracing a growth mindset in their entrepreneurial journey.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)