The Possibility of Utilizing Inter-modal Transport with Mae Klong River for Reducing Sugar

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วัชระ เพชรดิน
สุมาลี สุขดานนท์
จิตติชัย รุจนกนกนาฏ


This paper studies the possibility of using inter-modal transport with Mae Klong River for sugar transportation options in the Western of Thailand.  The cost of transport by truck, and inter–modal transport through Chao Phraya River are analyzed. Primary data from field survey and secondary data from transport-related agencies are used in the study.  The result shows that the inter-modal transport through Mae Klong River costs higher than Chao Phraya River.  While taking the cost of land transport into analysis, the result shows that the inter–modal transport costs lower.  For sustainable transportation, public sector should encourage usage of proposed inter-modal transport and private sector should cooperate in planning in order to reduce transportation costs.


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เพชรดินว., สุขดานนท์ส., & รุจนกนกนาฏจ. (2018). The Possibility of Utilizing Inter-modal Transport with Mae Klong River for Reducing Sugar. Journal of Social Development, 20(2), 63 - 85. Retrieved from
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