Krabi Coal Power Plant Project: Dynamic and the Causes of Conflicts

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The objective of this article is to study dynamic and the causes of conflicts from
the operation of the Krabi coal power plant between the Electricity Generating Authority
of Thailand and Save Andaman from Coal Network. The data was collected from 24 key informants by way of in-depth interviews, participatory observation and documents.

The research found that the conflict arose from the inconsistency of national
development strategies and local development strategies. State energy policy planning
does not allow local and civil society to participate. There are mistrusts in the
development and technical facts of the proposed alternative fuels for power generation
between the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand which supports coal energy and
Save Andaman from Coal Network which supports renewable energy. There was also a
lack of trust of local people to the project implementation process of the Electricity
Generating Authority of Thailand.


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