Art and Music Intervention to Promote Cultural Tourism: A case study Talad Noi

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Wannaruck Innchan
Natima Suwanwong
Prasert Rachmanee
Sasipong Wongsa


This article aims to describe how art and music intervention can enhance cultural tourism in Talad Noi at Charoen Krung area in Sampanthawong located in Bangkok. The targeted area was chosen as a subject of a case study with the following objectives. 1) To enhance the cultural tourism in the area, 2) To create aesthetic experience in arts and music for tourists through sights and sounds, and 3) To use these arts and music as the mechanisms to promote the cultural tourism through community’s participation. The ultimate goal is to create tourism attractiveness, generate the incomes for the locals and enhance the community’s enterprises. The results showed that an in-depth study of its cultural heritage such as architecture, festivals, and the lifestyle of the people can create value."Tadu Hufang" (a combination of sights and sounds) is used to create aesthetic experience for tourists. "Taadoo Huufung" employed as an intervention will place Talad Noi on the map as a tourist destination and will generate income for the community. However, concerns have been voiced about possible environmental threats such as air pollution, noise pollution, and site-specific art damage. Such potential problems will be dealt with to reap the benefits of cultural tourism and also further unite the people of Talad Noi as one.


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Innchan, W. ., Suwanwong, N. ., Rachmanee, P. ., & Wongsa, S. . (2022). Art and Music Intervention to Promote Cultural Tourism: A case study Talad Noi. Journal of Social Development and Management Strategy, 24(1), 86–99. Retrieved from
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