Political Ideologies in Managing Pandemic Situations of the Corona Virus 2019 in Thailand

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Aunyarut Apibalsri


Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 is an emerging disease caused by the spread and mutation of the virus around the world. In order to prevent the problems of the epidemic of COVID-19 in Thailand and other countries, Political concepts have been integrated to manage the situation with the participation of many sectors, emerging an associate of public governance with social responsibility. As a result, Thailand is transitioning from a society led by fascists and conservative to be more liberal neoliberal political ideology with corporate social responsibility and government welfare System integrate with communism with equality to reach to good service. However, the leadership role of the government sector remains important in the midst of crisis of pandemic situations of the corona virus 2019 through preventive rules, the welfare state, and integration of cooperation from various network partners including international cooperation. The Thai government should create systems that allow people to pay taxes properly and spend them on things that truly and sustainably benefit the people, preparation the population and the business sector to reduce the environmental impact of COVID-19 to the country and the world, decentralization tends to increase participation, capacity, create jobs, and strengthen networks, security and policies that are beneficial to Thailand and trading partners. Strong partners will integrate knowledge and strengthen effectiveness to maintain a co-living world with a healthy environment amid sustainable progress.


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