A Reinforcement Process of Community – Based Research (CBR) toward the Sustainable Development of the Urban CBR Learning Center in Bangkok

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Phenprapha Pattaranukrom
Pasrin Phannan
Duangthip Chan-uam
Dawprasug Thongglin


This article titled “A Reinforcement Process of the Community – Based Research (CBR) toward the sustainable Development of the Urban CBR Learning Center, Bangkok” is aimed at developing the reinforcement process for CBR projects in the areas of Bangkok to enable them to achieve their goals efficiently.  Lessons learned about the knowledge set of the system and mechanism derived from the research are to be used for developing a learning center and building a network of collaboration in the community and educational institutions. CBR is applied to four research projects in 4 areas such as Bang Khen, Lak Si, Don Mueang and Sai Mai districts. It was found that the reinforcement met the demand of the sub - projects researcher teams.  Considering the previous knowledge, it was enhanced the academic CBR knowledge and ways to build cooperation within the communities through knowledge training, following up the implementation in operation areas, brainstorming and data analysis and synthesis. For the development of the CBR Learning Center, there are two models of the Urban CBR Learning Center such as the CBR Learning Centers in communities and universities.


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Pattaranukrom, P., Phannan, P. ., Chan-uam, D. ., & Thongglin, D. . (2023). A Reinforcement Process of Community – Based Research (CBR) toward the Sustainable Development of the Urban CBR Learning Center in Bangkok. Journal of Social Development and Management Strategy, 25(1), 81–98. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jsd/article/view/262383
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