Discipline and Punish in Thai Education History (1932-2020)

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Pinyapan Potjanalawan


This research article aims, to demonstrate the dynamic of violence in Thai schools which emerges from the concept of the control and punishment of students, second, to illustrate the emotional change of people in Thai society that affects the violence in the schools both supporters or defenders. This study uses a historical method by analyzing the primary source. The finding in this study is that the formation of emotion and reason of Thai state and society leads to the“cultural-discipline”. This idea focuses on the body of students through their uniforms and hairstyle. At the same time, the school as the space of discipline is also an important issue to discuss. The school assumes the role of the Foucauldian Panopticon. However, the student body is not only constructed by the Panopticon but also controlled by the “rituals” closely intertwined with Thai state ideology such as Nation, Religion, and the King Moreover, the students are expected to revere their teachers due to their high status in Thai society. Nevertheless, the late 2000s witnessed the rise of social media, a new social force which allows the mass to create and be their own mass media. The students begin to make their voices heard and fight for the unjust system. They formed their movement online platform such as Twitter as well as through offline activities, which make the movment an unprecedentedly powerful social force.


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