Yang Na and Champa Khao: Status and Guidelines for the Conservation of Heritage Trees in Nakhonthai District, Phitsanulok Province

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Gwyntorn Satean
Saowaluk Limsiriwong
Supasit Tana


This This research aims to study the status and guidelines for the conservation of Yang Na and Champa Khao trees in Nakhonthai District, Phitsanulok Province. A qualitative research method was used, consisting of a status survey using the Forest Department's preliminary tree diagnosis form. Perceived value was collected through in-depth interviews with 12 local philosophers and community leaders, along with participatory observations on the sacrifice ceremony. Guideline for conservation were collected through community forums, with 50 participants, and the information was then used to synthesize the content. The study found that both heritage trees were in good health and had been well taken care of by forest officials and local communities. The values of heritage trees including: 1) cultural heritage; 2) community history; 3) their significance as a big trees, 4) recreation; and 5) aesthetics. Additionally, the Yang Na tree holds ecological value, while Champa Khao is considered a rare tree. Strategies for the conservation of heritage trees can be divided into two approaches: 1) short-term measures for protecting the Yang Na tree. Community committees should establish a tree protection zone and introduce sightseeing regulations. Specifically, the landscape improvement project of Noenphoem subdistrict administrative organization should be completed as soon as possible; 2) long-term measures for preserving both heritage trees such as given them regular health check using arboricultural techniques, and planting more heritage trees. Finally, the cultural heritage values of big trees should be taught to local children and youth.


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Satean, G. ., Limsiriwong, S., & Tana, S. . (2023). Yang Na and Champa Khao: Status and Guidelines for the Conservation of Heritage Trees in Nakhonthai District, Phitsanulok Province. Journal of Social Sciences Naresuan University, 19(2), 175–208. https://doi.org/10.14456/jssnu.2023.20
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