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This research, “Guideline for the Amendment of Law Related to Civil Liability of Traders in E-Commerce Contracts,” examined the duties and civil liabilities of traders that arise from contracts for the online sale of consumer goods. The research compared and analysed the European Union Directives and legal measures in the United Kingdom and the United States. The results of this study—which were mainly based on documentary research and data from in-depth interviews, group discussion, and survey questionnaires—showed that, at present, even though Thai consumer protection law recognizes the consumers’ right to receive clear, correct, and comprehensible information from a trader about the product or service and the right to fair, just, and reasonable terms and conditions. There is also the Direct Selling and Direct Marketing Act B.E. 2545, which is the main law governing e-commerce contracts. However, there is still no specific provision specifying the duties of traders to provide information before the conclusion of a contract, which causes problems related to deadlines for the delivery of goods and cancellation of a contract, resulting in consumers not receiving fair contractual treatment. This study provides recommendations to amend the Direct Selling and Direct Marketing Act B.E. 2545 so that it better determines the duties and liabilities of traders and effectively enforces the law.


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