• Nichanach Katemukda Kasetsart University


Nowadays the social media is widely used in the world. Many activities are posted or shared in the social media. There are the big data from the social media that can explain the customer consumer behavior and product requirement. Moreover, the customer also compares the product between the brands. These big data can be interpreting the customer requirement into the new knowledge. Applying the new knowledge to the organization’s knowledge and develop to the new product and process innovation. The innovation is an important for the Thai’s industry. The product innovation used to maintain the competitive advantage and serving the quality to customer. On the other hand, the process innovation used to improve productivity, quality, cost, and delivery performance. The purpose of the research is discovered the key factors to accelerate the innovation in the manufacturing firm. The result indicated the big data and knowledge management has a strongly relationship together. Moreover, there are the key to generate the product and process innovation. Finally, the product and process innovation enhanced the manufacturing firm’s performance (Productivity, Quality, Cost and Delivery).


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Author Biography

Nichanach Katemukda, Kasetsart University

Department of Industrail Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Kasetsart Universyty, Bangkok, Thailand


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