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พระวงศ์สรสิทธิ์ รติกโร
พระครูวิจิตรศีลาจาร (ประสิทธิ์ กิติโกฬะ)
พระครูสิริธรรมาภิรัต (ธรรมรัต ยศขุน)


The research title on “The value of chanting toward effectiveness of Thai Buddhists: A case study of Pusawan School. The objectives were as follows          1) To study the meaning and its significance of Praying in Buddhist doctrine. 2) To study of chanting in Pusawan school. 3) To analyses on value of chanting toward a group of Pusawan school. and 4) To create new knowledge of Buddhists value in Pusswan School. The data was analyzed using document and interview information from disciples and Dharma practitioner at Punsuwan school 15 persons by analytical study process and lead integration and new knowledge. This research is manner qualitative research from researcher analysis has an opinion that the worth of the prayer is inheriting in the sense of the Buddhism be the bending leads the thermic principle from chapter prays to come to use in the way of life worthily in the sense of the economy politics social family faith and the peacefulness within the mind cause resuscitate the morals is dwelling firm crowded the at heart which obstacle that originate go up as a result will touch cheap correct with the intellect goes to respectively finally the flame in the Buddhism as a result will come back again in the present age as , ever dawn about story in the past the word is important.


         The study found that:

          1) the meaning and how important for chanting of Buddhism scripture that was beginning of chant. The pray ceremony is important for Buddhism which show respect and faithful lead to more practice 2) the chanting of Punsuwan school is believe in release mind, lead to Rutra by moralize and teach about life principle, and also develop mind to high level. 3) the valuable chanting affect to group of Pussawan School by the chanting belong to religious ceremony which for treat, protect from harmful and suffering such as smart, remind to Triple Gem, no sadness, happiness, publish and inherit of Buddhism. and 4) created new knowledge of value chanting in Pussawan School for 2 kinds such as 1) consider rule of chanting include 1. Chanting history 2. Chanting 3. Translation 4. Power and 5. Believe. and 2) The chanting result such as 1. met good friends/person 2. Wishing of good life 3. Free from suffering 4. Wishing for give the merit to angle and ancestors 5. Prevent danger.


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