Assessment of the important factors for choosing a used car loans

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This study is aimed to assess the important factors increasing loan for selling used cars. The factors are prioritized based on their impacts to increase loan for selling the used car. The analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is used to evaluate the factors. The data of the evaluation is collected from executive of financial companies that provide the loan program for used cars and the owners of local financial service for lending money for buying a used car. The data is collected from February to March 2015. Consumer Behavior, Marketing Mix, Purchase Decision and the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) are concept in this study. We expect that the financial companies can use this evaluation to develop new loan program and offer loan products that are suitable for the target customer. The results of this evaluation are also used to increase market share of the loan program. We found that seven factors that affect the loan service for buying used cars are 1) product, 2) price, 3) channel, 4) sale promotion, 5) personnel, 6) service process and 7) physical environment. The study found that the most important factors increasing loan for selling used cars is personnel factor, followed by the service process factor, product factor, sale promotion factor, price factor, channel factor and physical environment factor. We also consider sub-factor found that factors important are not equal. In addition, this consistency ratio shows that the analytical hierarchy process of seven factors which are marketing mix factors are consistent and rationality as well


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