• Rangsiswut - Suwanrotjana มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏนครราชสีมา
Keywords: Factor synthesis and indicator developmeat, Leadership, Administrator of special education center, Leadership components


The purpose of this research to factor synthesis and indicators for the development of leadership in special education center administrators under the Office of the Basic Education Commission. With mixed method research, including qualitative research methods by documentary research, the selection of the target group can be for 24 specific information providers. By using the content analysis and quantitative research methods, a specific target group of 22 people was selected. The suitability assessment with the IOC of 0.80 and questionnaires about leadership with IOC values between 0.80-1.00 and the confidence value is 0.95 was conducted by collecting data with target groups with convenient random method of 310 people. Data analysis  by mean,  standard deviation which the elements and leadership indicators were developed by analyzing confirmatory elements and considering the value a, Goodness of Fit Index (GFI), Adjusted Goodness of Git Index (AGFI) and Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA).

            The research findings were the elements of leadership for special education center administrators under the Office of the Basic Education Commission, there are 5 elements include the has 16 indicators of Vision, 9 indicators of Knowledge, 11 indicators of Justice and honesty, 11 indicators of Persuasion ability and 10 indicators of the Ability to. They are appropriate at a high level ( =4.39, S.D.=0.06) The relationship is between 0.35-0.73 and all questions used to measure each element were statistically significant at 0.01 level, all values Indicates that the leadership measurement of the executive, special education center can be caused by variation with the most decision making capability (R2=0.42).


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