• Phitchayawee Thongklang nakhon ratchasima rajabhat unibersity
Keywords: Multi-words, Newspaper, Pu yai ma kub toong ma mearn


This research aims to study the characteristics of multi-words, word patterns and marks using in the short comics namely “Pu Yai Ma kub Toong Ma Mearn” published on the Thairath Newspaper, dated January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017, 6 months period, 181 copies. By applying the concept of using the mark to convey, sweet word, figurative language, and idioms. Characteristic analysis results, multi-word findings, using point markers, Question mark, Exclamation mark, The repeat symbol, The symbol of the end word, use of sound, rhyme, repetition to emphasize, similitude, metaphor, hyperbole, paradox, imitating natural sounds, expressions in meaning, wrong expression, The use of idioms from the original expression, study of popularity, use of words and signs in short cartoons. By analyzing the frequency and percentage, the use of makers to convey was found the most meaning of 111 words, 70.70 percent. In addtion, the most popular in each category is the use of question marks, repetition to emphasize, hyperbole, imitating natural sounds and use of expressions in meaning. Thus, the language used is a multi-word that the author uses to convey meaning, that its result revealed in the use of language with distinctive features, popular and successful.


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