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Keywords: Dance creation, Modern theory, Postmodern theory


The research aim is to create of dance creation from modern and postmodern theories, using creative and qualitative research methods that have been developed through the data analysis. The research tools comprise documentary data, interviews, observations, media resources, artists' performances, and personal experiences of the researcher. The research results showed that the dance style consisted of 8 sectors: 1) Script that shows the importance of the artist that occurred in each era is essential to bring forth various dance concepts. It is divided into the expression of 3 acts, the pioneer era, the modern era of gen 1 and 2 artists, and the postmodern era. 2) Dancer casting in contemporary and popular dances. 3) Dance of modern dance theory includes the concepts of fabric and lighting techniques, free spirit, religion, culture, and contraction and release, gravity rules of the world, dance floor, swing concept, simplicity and coincidence, contact improvisation, and speed boost and reduction from critical diversity. 4) Add sound and music of violin at live show is a key to engage the dance’s emotions to the audience, also composed electronic devices are added. 5) Chair is used in the show, comprising the use of fabric as parts of the display equipment. 6) Stage area is designed to be the boundary of in-and outside the stage in the circle shape. 7) Outfits on a daily basis are used for the suitability of dance and movement. 8) Light and special techniques are used to express the dancer's body and movement in three dimensions.


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