• Piyanan Songsoontorawat มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏนครราชสีมา
Keywords: Process, The strong development, Civic council


In this dissertation, it revealed the studies of structures, authority, roles, and styles of participation in mobilizing civil council activities, and examined the problems and obstacles confronting the mobilization of civil councils, furthermore, proposed guidelines for fostering the strength of democratic civil councils. In this qualitative research investigation which consisted of in-depth interviews with twenty key informants. Data were collected using a structured interview, which approved and analyzed by the advisors and experts to show the comprehensive summarization reason.

            Findings are as follows: 1) The Khon Kaen province civil council is natural form, 2) The Nakhon Ratchasima province civil council is clearly structured, and 3) The Amnat Charoen province civil council is natural and clearly structured format. they were the structure, role and powers to participate in the Council's activity-driven citizens. Suggestions for the development of problems and obstacles identified in this study were the aspect of people, they must become acculturated so as to become good citizens. In respect, structures should be flexible and informal, which the aspect of budget, budgets should be specifically allocated for civil councils. Appertaining of management, mobilizing activities and work plans must be directed by civil councils as far as the concerns of the aspect of the law, which should clearly delineate authority, duties, rights, and roles for civil councils. The others concern the development of information technology (IT); the fostering of a culture of citizenship; and the development of civil society networking.


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