Legal measures for providing protection for legal acts of insane persons

  • Siripen Janniyom bang
Keywords: insane persons, protection, legal acts


This qualitative with documentary research aims to study on 1) the characteristics of individuals upon the medical and legal insanity, 2) law principles of legal acts of insane persons in England and the United States of America, and 3) analyze the legal acts of insane persons protection under the Civil and Commercial Code. Data was analyzed by content analysis with prioritization which related to cause and effect mixed method. The research finding was examined and presented with descriptive research methodology. The finding found that the characteristics and principles of law for insane persons protection are similar. The researcher suggested that there should be the term of definition for Insane person that he or she is a person who performed their disabilities on both mentally and behaviorally. To be insane may cause by the mental disability with spoken or symbolic language or other methods to communicate for their understanding, remembering, data focusing and making decisions like normal people, which cause the inability to act in accordance with the law. When it was proved that during their making a legal act, such a person cannot understand and other parties know the defect and such disability to be considered as voidance in all cases, both in the case of being an insane person who being or not being care from court.


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