• Supawadee Wisuwan มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏนครราชสีมา
Keywords: Instruction model, Special EducationTeacher Competency


This research was aimed to develop instruction model for establishing those competency, and examine how suitable the model of the second target was in order to show the better outcome after implementing with special educational (SE) student teachers. Methodology to develop model dividing into 3 step; Step I: Survey competency needed, as sequently select the most needed in knowledge, skills and attitude, total 9 Items. Step II: Instruction model development, as emphasize on transformative learning theory design model with instruction structure and try out with the 1st year students. Step III: Experimental using model with 18 the 2nd year students. Tools that used for implement were instruction model which included learning units, situation test for checking knowledge needed, scoring rubrics for skill evaluation and attitude check list. Data analysis use basic statistic mean and standard deviation.

            The research reviewed that the LC-3R Model consisted of 5 steps of syntax as follows; 1) Learning experience stage : (L), 2) Critical reflection stage : (C), 3) Rational discourse stage : (R), 4) Reintegration stage : (R), Perspective Reflection stage : (R). The instruction model for establishing the SE teacher student capacity was suitable at good level, and the capacity of SE students after implemented instruction model knowledge needed was fluency level, skill needed was fluency level and attitude needed was at expert level.


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