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The purposes of this research were to 1) study the learning outcome in the unit of ‘Khongdee Pakthongchai’ for grade 9 students by using project-based learning (PBL), which focuses on local wisdom, it contains; 1.1) to compare learning achievement before and after learning, 1.2) to compare learning achievement with 80% criterion, and 1.3) to study the ability to create a PBL focused on local wisdom, 2) compare life and career skills for students before and after they studied the unit. The samples were 41 students in grade 9 of Pakthongchai prachaniramitr school, Nakhon Ratchasima province in 2nd semester of academic year 2018 selected by cluster random sampling. The research instruments use in the reliability consisted of 1) 5 plans 18 hours of learning management 2) evaluation form of learning compretency (gif.latex?\alpha=0.89), 3) project evaluation form of local wisdom (gif.latex?\alpha=0.90), and 4) evaluation form of life and career skill (gif.latex?\alpha=0.91). The research data were analyzed by using percentage, mean, standard deviation, and testing the values. Its results were as follows: 1) after studying, learning achievement was higher than before and higher than the criteria of 80 percent with statistical significance at the level of .01 and the overall, the project evaluation results were in a very good level, and 2) after studying the unit of life and career skills, higher than before with statistical significance at the level of 0.01.


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