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The purposes of this study were 1) to examine the potential of the students taking cooperative education, and 2) to determine the preparedness for work of the students after graduation. Population consisted of chiefs/advisors/mentor staffs at the workplaces. The assessors were 199 senior students (registered into Burapha University in 2014 and 2015) of Faculty of Management and Tourism, Burapha University who were taking 6-month cooperative education. Descriptive statistics used for data analysis were frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation.

            The findings revealed that the student’s potential gradually improved. The overall potential of the students was in the highest level. Stduents’ potential of performance was rated highest level. In terms of individual potential was the element needed to be improved. The preparedness assessment revealed that the preparedness was in the highest level. However, students needed more time to adjust themselves into workplace. They needed opportunity to have a try on more challenging jobs. The lecturers needed to stimulate the students to acquire abilities of critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, determination, implementation and integration of knowledge and experience. The lecturers also had to make the students realize the importance of network obtained from cooperative education which would be beneficial for their future career.


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