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Plagiarism is one of the major issues in academic writing and research reporting in Thailand. In recent years there have been several cases that have occurred in the Thai academic community. Dismissal of university faculty members who used their students’ theses or independent studies to write articles and publish in research journals in their own names are quite frequent. In many cases the university faculty members were dismissed after the investigating committee found that their documents, such as research reports, books and journal articles submitted for assessment for their academic titles at all levels, including assistant professor, associate professor and professor, were plagiarized. In 2012, one of the oldest and most famous universities in Thailand revoked a PhD degree awarded to one of its students after it was found that his PhD. dissertation was plagiarized. The case was widely publicized in various types of media. Most universities and many academic journals in Thailand are now using plagiarism detection software, both in Thai and English, to detect plagiarism in papers submitted for publication. Despite various actions being taken to remedy plagiarism in the Thai academic community there are still many plagiarism cases occurring. This paper aims to explore plagiarism issues in Thailand. The essential content of this paper comprises the definition of plagiarism, plagiarism and professional ethics, plagiarism and intellectual property laws, causes of plagiarism, types of plagiarism, possible negative consequences of plagiarism, strategies for avoiding plagiarism, as well as conclusions and recommendations.


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