• พัทธ์ปฏิพล พัศดารักษ์ Graduate School of Public Administration of Burapha University
Keywords: Effectiveness implementation, The policy on accelerating of title deed issuance, The area of three southern border provinces


The purpose of this research was to study the opinions, problems and the guidelines for effective development on policy implementation effectiveness upon title deed issuance in the area of three southern border provinces. The population was the assigned and appointed persons on field research survey to resolve the land issuance and ownership in areas outside the Budokan-Sukai Padadi National Park Zone in 2558-2561 B.E., fiscal year 2559 B.E. The 256 samples were specified sample sizes of the employment rates (Service contractor). The questionnaires indicated a consistency index above 0.50 and a reliability score at 0.96 The data was analyzed by means and standard deviation. The data was collected from 15 key informants with in-depth interview. The data was analyzed with conclusion together with the discussion for overall conclusion.

            The research revealed that the policy implementation effectiveness indicated at low level (gif.latex?\bar{X} =1.27, S.D.=0.26). There are problems in the policy implementation indicated at high level ( gif.latex?\bar{X}=4.71, S.D.=0.28). The 3 important problems discovered on personnel, budget, and materials. The guidelines for the effectiveness improvement, such as the adjustment of the delegation or appointment structure, updated relevant laws and regulations concerned. The enhancement of personnel capability and quality of life guarantee, allocate enough budgets, report budgetary results to actual objectives, make the benefit in order to reduce the area rental budget, modern technology implementation and create knowledge for the operators, and procure equipment to replace the old with modern technology.


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