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Keywords: Guidelines for managing maintenance, Industrial business



The objectives of this research were to explore the general operational characteristics of industrial sector on the managing maintenance guidelines, to design the guidelines for the effective managing maintenance in the industrial sector, and to develop the effective structural equation model of managing maintenance guidelines for the industrial sector. The researcher used the mixed-methodology research method. Regarding the qualitative research, the in-depth interview and the focus-group discussion, selected of purposive sampling was conducted, and it contained the questionnaire that had reliability value (0.98) to survey the data from 500 executives in charge of the organization’s maintenance, selected by the multi-stage sampling method. The statistics used in analyzing the quantitative data were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and analyzed the structural equation model with AMOS program.

            The research results show that the effective guideline for managing maintenance in the industrial sector that is in the highest level is Knowledge Management, followed by Technological Innovation, Planning, and Working Procedure respectively. The hypothesis analysis result shows that the component of Knowledge Management had a direct influence on the component of Working Procedure, Planning and Technological Innovation, while the component of Working Procedure had a direct influence on the component of Planning and Technological Innovation. The analysis result of the developed structural equation model shows the assessment criteria that is relevant to the empirical data (Chi-square=0.33, CMIN/DF=1.04, GFI=0.97, RMSEA=0.01).


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