การสร้างสรรค์นาฏยศิลป์จากวรรณกรรมพื้นบ้าน เรื่อง หัวนายแรง

Keywords: Forms of the creation of a dance, Folk tale, Hua Nai Rang, Southern


    The research objective is to explore the creative form and style of traditional Thai dance, named Hua Nai Rang which is based on folk literature by sharing the same namesake. The research deployed creative and qualitative research methods developing through the data analysis. The research tools comprise documentary data, interviews, observations, media resources, seminar and artistic qualification. The results of research showed that the dance style consisted of 7 sectors : 1) Principles of contemporary stage that was applied through script of play-writing, which the storyline is laid and the concept of the chapter layout is revealed, resulting in the combination of the script of the dance and action chapters, 2) Choreography was passed from the performance script focuses on conveying emotions through eyes, body, and actions, 3) Dancers who were casted had various talents, 4) Sound and music were designed by combining the use of sound, actors' voices, sounds that convey feelings and the music for the performance, 5) Completed stage with projection equipment and images in the form of games, 6) Costume design according to Southern originality, traditions, and its literature uniqueness were adapted into account, and 7) Integrated lighting was designed to harmonious coexist with the picture projector, scene illustration, feeling of mode and the events.


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