• SAKUL WONGKALASIN วงษ์กาฬสินธุ์
Keywords: Business group community, Community business management, Success factors for community business


     The purposes of this research were i) to explore the prototype community business management, ii) to study the success factors of prototype community business operations, and iii) to establish the guidelines of prototype community business management for other community business organizations in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The participants of this qualitative study were the community business groups from 4 marketing demonstration centres. The instruments were established key informants using in-dept interviews, conversations, and non-participatory observations in 3 groups of 63 research participants, considered by the committees and advisors. The collective data were classified and compared. The results indicated that the management in community planning were simple and clear method; everyone helped each other according to the government structure and the purchase proceeded by computer and balance sheet report 1-2 times a year along with the completed problem report and managing community business for society formed a co-investment group; to allocate benefits as welfare for members, and the use of public benefit development funds. The most success factors were financial, marketing, regulations, group leader respectively, and mostly external environment. The proposals were: plans, budgets, various personnel, royalty, sacrifice, community’s philosopher as the consult, hiring an external auditor, raising funds within community and helping the underprivileged ones, holding to members principles, allocating profits to society, and also creating the social innovative responsible leadership.


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