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  • ARPAPORN SOOKHOM มหาวิทยาลัยบูรพา
Keywords: Halal tourism, Tourism potential, Readiness for halal travel


     The objective of this research was to study 1) the potential and readiness of tourist attractions, and 2) the problems and obstacles in preparation for supporting Halal tourism of the main tourist provinces in 5 regions of Thailand. Using mixed method including qualitative research, defining key information groups of purposive selection method, 40 entrepreneurs into 2 groups are executives of tourism business associations in the 5 main tourism provinces, and group of agencies related to tourism management, each group contains 4 business categories of 20 entrepreneurs. As the in-depth interviews, data were analyzed using content analysis method, and quantitative research, the population is divided into 4 types of tourism business entrepreneurs. The sample is conducted by using Krejcie and Morgan of 300 samples, a simple random is selected, with a questionnaire for IOC of 0.70. The whole data was analyzed using descriptive statistics.

            The research result found that the main tourism provinces have potential and readiness to support Halal tourism at the high level, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Chonburi, and Phuket, however, Nakhon Ratchasima was at the low level of moderate potential and the availability, especially for hotels/ accommodations. Moreover, the obstacles that encountered in personnel were lack of knowledge and understanding of the services, according to Islamic principles. Also, the management aspect was lack of budget to support the development of personnel, operators and tourist attraction managements.


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