Elements and Design Principles for Communication of Cultural Capital of Ratchaburi Province

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Phongsathorn Khrueafa
Araya Srikanlaynabuth


          This research is part of the results of the study on graphic design for events applying cultural capital of Ratchaburi province. The research aimed to identify the cultural capital of Ratchaburi province and find out how to create the main elements of graphic design for events. The study was conducted by reviewing literature, synthesizing gained data, and interviewing the experts in graphic design. The findings revealed that Ratchaburi province consisted of several aspects of cultural capitals: performance, traditional craftsmanship, rite, archeological site, antique, art and artifact. The mentioned aspects of the cultural capitals were comparatively classified from a shadow play called “Nung Yai” at Wat Khanon, traditional art of “Pha Teen Jok” weaving, glazed water jar with dragon pattern, Mon’s tradition of Khao Chae, Wat Mahathat Worawihan, Wat Tham Ruesi Khao Ngu, Wat Aranyikawas, Wat Khongkharam, Kosi Narai Historical Site. The data gained were transformed into principal components of graphic design which were categorized into style, appeals, color schemes, and shape. Then, they were used to create research instruments as well as the criteria of interview questions conducted with the experts in graphic design. In addition, according to the analysis of the cultural capitals found in Ratchaburi province, the results could lead to the creation of main principles of graphic design corresponding to the application of cultural capitals of Ratchaburi province which consisted of 10 sets of graphic design process that could be used for further events.   


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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