The Development of Yom Basin Farmers’ in Phitsanulok Province in the Period of Thailand 4.0 การพัฒนาแนวทางการปรับตัวของชาวนาลุ่มน้ำยมเขตจังหวัดพิษณุโลก ยุคไทยแลนด์ ๔.๐

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Colonel Sombat Boongorkaew


“The Development of Yom Basin Farmers’ in Phitsanulok Province in the Period of Thailand 4.0” is the study for the development. The objectives of this study are 1). To study the contexts of Yom basin farmers’adaptation and change in the present 2).To develop the adaptation of Yom basin farmers’ in the period of Thailand 4.0.The processes of this study include 1).To study the contexts of Yom basin farmers’from literature review and arrange the local community forums 11 times in 11 areas for understanding the context of change and establishing the questions for the development in farmers’adaptation. 2). To develop the Yom basin farmers’ adaptation in the period of Thailand 4.0 by interviewing 12 relative experts to summarize the opinions and establish the adaptation of Yom basin farmers’ which is suitable for nowadays. The result of the 1st process found 4 relative contexts which are 1).The context of Yom basin geography 2).The context of farmers’ problems 3).The context of farmers’adaptation 4).The context of change in economy, social, culture and agricultural technology. The result of the 2nd process found that the development of Yom basin farmers’adaptation is concluded in 3 models which are Model 1- farmers’self-management which emphasizes the change of farmers’status from producer to productivity manager by the farmers’ confederation and government supports the infrastructure and fund. Model 2-the farmers of state which emphasizes the establishing of Thailand 4.0 center which is the complete role model in district level and to manage the efficient cooperatives. Model 3-civil state farmers’which emphasizes the participation of every sectors. The government supports the infrastructure and fund, private sectors participate in planning and support in marketing. Farmers confederate to be community enterprise or cooperatives for productivity management. In conclusion, all of 3 models also have the different strengths and weaknesses so the using of these models is necessary to study the farmers’ contexts that are different in geography, economy, and the community strength.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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