Proust of Dapmueng Identity Creation of Lampang (Dapmueng Sword smith in northern Thailand) กระบวนการสร้างตัวตนสล่าดาบเมืองลำปาง

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Yongyot Chucheep
Wasin Punyarvuttrakul


Lampang Province is the city that produce sword since it was kingdom as there was a mention about Dapmueng Sword smith in Lampang’s context which had a relationship with Long city who was under Lampang’s control that time, the most important ore of Long was Iron, so it was the reason why Long always sent iron to Lampang as a tribute.

In 25 th century, After Siam has expanded their power to Lanna Kingdom’s society, that caused an effect to many changes in entire system and also to Dapmueng Sword smith due to the policy that didn’t allow anyone to bring weapon to public. Many sword makers decided to do other jobs for being survived such as agricultural equipment maker but there was some sword makers who still make sword but they reduced detail of style and technic in sword producing which made the knowledge in sword making got lost.

Since 1957 onward, they tried to revive all Lanna’s Identities, Sword was chosen to be symbol of Lanna brave men. The Dapmueng Sword smith of Lampang by the desire of local Lanna people and also Chiang-mai people. There are many dimensions in the process of Dapmueng Sword smith establishment which are searching for people who still has local wisdom skill, Organizing the knowledge of the manufacturing process, telling a story of Dapmueng Sword smith by using museum, festival  going out to public, media including Capitalism from outside society which will help Dapmueng Sword smith to be revived and keep on producing sword and to make it become valuable product as same as it’s story of sword maker’s family.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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