Service Quality and Mobile Phone Customer Switching Behavior


  • นพมณี ภารุ่งโรจน์รัตน์
  • ทิพย์รัตน์ เลาหวิเชียร


Service Quality, Mobile Phone, Customer Switching Behavior


This research is a quantitative research, and aims to investigate relationships between customer switching behavior between Thailand mobile service providers and their service quality. Moreover, other factors which may affecting the switching behavior e.g. customer perceived value and influential groups are also concerned.

            Furthermore, relationships between market competition, attitude towards business ethic, and the perceived service quality are also tested. A 400 sampling telephone survey research of primary data was conducted. In this research, service quality can be seen in two dimensions; a technical and an administrative dimension. Preliminary analysis of the gathered data found that although the customer knowing that they can switch their service provider, 69.3 percent of the sampling still never exercise their right. The results from logistic regression and ANOVA can be concluded that the customer perceived value has a 95% significant relationship with the switching behavior. Also, the relationships between the switching behavior and service quality are also found. There is no evidence supporting that the influential group would affect the switching behavior. Lastly, significant relationships between switching behavior, market competition, business ethic, and the perceived service quality are also found. Therefore, the results found can be utilized as feedback information or indicators in monitoring service quality management process. This is to make customer still deciding to stay with the current service provider.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)