Factors Affecting Access to Health Services of Female Lao’s Sex and Service Workers at The Border Ubonratchathani Province.

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รัชนีวรรณ์ นิรมิตร
บัวพันธ์ พรหมพักพิง


The objective of this research is to examine factors which related to the access of health services of female Lao sex’s service workers. This study employed qualitative method to obtain required data by using in-depth interview guide and non-direct observation.The study found that factors related to the access to health services was influenced by 3 levels of factors as follows: 1) structural level which is the health policy for international migrants: 2) social level including social networks, friends, employers and resort owners whose their interests are related to sex service industry: and 3) individual level including legal status, income, and knowledge concerned with health services.


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นิรมิตรร., & พรหมพักพิงบ. (2019). Factors Affecting Access to Health Services of Female Lao’s Sex and Service Workers at The Border Ubonratchathani Province. Journal of Social Development, 21(2), 78 - 95. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jsd/article/view/152597
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