Thai Family Relation Models in the Globalization Era

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ปริศนา กาญจนกันทร
สุพรรณี ไชยอำพร


The objectives of this research are: 1) to study change of functional relationship and between decision power in Thai family during the globalization era; and 2) to study Thai family model during the globalization period. A qualitative research is utilized through collecting data from 27 successful families living in big urban and provincial areas. The study finds little change in performing universal family functions but there is change in family decision-making, i.e., from father domination to joint decision, showing offspring have higher bargaining power and more use of rationale in deciding family affairs. It is necessary to recognize family functions, socialization process and rational communications between family members.


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กาญจนกันทรป., & ไชยอำพรส. (2019). Thai Family Relation Models in the Globalization Era. Journal of Social Development, 21(2), 164 - 175. Retrieved from
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