Motivation, Elderly Developmental Knowledge and Social Support Related to Elderly Health Care Behaviors of Working Adults

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Nicharee Niyomsin
Shuttawwee Sitsira-at
Duchduen Bhanthumnavin
Pinyapan Piasai


This research examined correlation between working adults’ motivation, developmental knowledge, social support and elderly health care behaviors of working adult, as well as their predictive percentage, of elderly health care behaviors. The quality of all scales was examined by determining the correlation coefficient between item-total correlation, using a selection of questions with a value of .02 or higher. The sampling consisted of 469 working adults.  The stratified quota random sampling was used. They were then categorized according to gender and marriage status. The statistics used were correlation and multiple regression. The research showed that (1) Motivation to elderly health care, and social support had positively correlated to elderly health care behaviors of working adults with statistical significance at .01, but developmental knowledge that the result showed a negatively correlation to elderly health care behaviors of working adults with statistical significance at .01 level. (2) Motivation, developmental knowledge, social support predicted elderly health care behaviors of working adults by 56.3 percent. Result of to total samples indicated that social support was the first important predictor of elderly health care of working adults, followed by motivation to elderly health care.

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Niyomsin, N. ., Sitsira-at, S., Bhanthumnavin, D. ., & Piasai, P. . (2022). Motivation, Elderly Developmental Knowledge and Social Support Related to Elderly Health Care Behaviors of Working Adults. Journal of Social Development and Management Strategy, 24(2), 73–99. Retrieved from
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