A study of infrastructure and logistics to support tourism in Phatthalung Province.

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Phrutsaya Piyanusorn
Panida Ninaroon
Cholpassorn Sitthiwarongchai
Rachanon Taweephol


The objectives of this research were 1) to study the context of tourism in Phatthalung Province 2) to study the potential of tourism in Phatthalung Province 3) to study the logistics infrastructure in Phatthalung Province. In this study, mixed methods of research were used with quantitative research methods. (Quantitative Research) using a questionnaire from 400 tourists traveling in Phatthalung Province. By using descriptive statistics, averaging, and qualitative research by in-depth interviews with government agencies governing tourism operators and 17 people in the community

The results of the research showed that 1) Phatthalung Province is an ancient ancient city in the south with a long history and culture. Phatthalung Province is also where Nang Talung Manora originated. Phatthalung Province has natural resources for tourism. Tourists can travel by vehicle according to the land transport system that is a thoroughfare. and travel by the State Railway of Thailand There is a train passing through Muang District, Khuan Khanun District, and Khao Chaison District. Amphoe Pak Phayun, Amphoe Pa Bon, Amphoe Bang Kaeo, Phatthalung Province. Traveling within the province can be done mostly by road. Tourists traveling to Phatthalung province mainly travel by road. 2) the level of opinion about the potential of tourism. Phatthalung Province found that most of the tourists were female. Age between 26 and 30 years old, single status, bachelor's degree Buddhism's southern domicile Entrepreneurship or personal business income between 20,001 and 30,000 baht. The purpose of travel for leisure Time to travel for a weekend trip The level of opinions on the components of tourism resources is at a high level when considering each aspect According to the variables studied, it was found that tourist attractions have the highest average, followed by facilities for accessing tourist attractions and accommodation. 3) The level of opinion about the potential of the components of logistics transportation was at a high level, and when considering each aspect, it was found that the route aspect had the highest average, followed by the vehicle, the station, and the operator, respectively. 4) The results of the overall ranking of importance in the potential of logistics infrastructure in Phatthalung province revealed that the capacity and quality of logistics service rank first. Freight management with competitive prices Second, the quality of trade and transport infrastructure is the third delivery status tracked. Key contributors ranked potential in fourth place. Punctuality in delivery is No. 5, and the efficiency of customs operations is last.

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Piyanusorn, P., Ninaroon, P. ., Sitthiwarongchai, C. ., & Taweephol, R. . (2022). A study of infrastructure and logistics to support tourism in Phatthalung Province. Journal of Social Development and Management Strategy, 24(2), 121–141. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jsd/article/view/259769
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