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Manuscript Preparation and Submission Guidelines

     The Japanese Studies Network Journal, jsn Journal, is a biannual academic journal published and disseminated by the Japan Studies Association of Thailand. It aims to encourage academics, the faculty, as well as the general public to share and disseminate knowledge on Japanese studies that accommodates multi-disciplinary perspectives. 


1. Preparation of a manuscript

     1.1 Page format The manuscript shall be prepared in a one-column Microsoft Word file, and fit into no more than 15 page A4, with one-inch margin left on each of the four sides and page number being shown in the lower right corner.

     1.2 Fonts The following font styles and sizes using TH Sarabun PSK or TH Sarabun New are preferred:

           1.2.1 article title, bold 18-point;

           1.2.2 abstract, both in Thai and English, regular 14-point;

           1.2.3 section title, bold 14-point;

           1.2.4 manuscript text, regular 14-point;

           1.2.5 references (APA style), regular 14-point;

           1.2.6 Japanese characters, Ms Mincho 10-point.

     1.3 Spacing:

           1.3.1 Use single spacing (tap the space bar only once);

           1.3.2 Use a pre-determined tab for indenting or irregular spacing;
           1.3.3 Leave one single spacing before typing a different language or switching back and forth between characters and numbers.


2. Elements and format of a manuscript See more detail in URL:


3. Submission of a manuscript

     A manuscript can be submitted online via our journal management system, Thai Journals Online (ThaiJO), at 


4. Processing fees

     The author shall make a transfer payment of 3,000 baht into Siam Commercial Bank savings account, Chamchuri square branch, account number 413-168037-9, in compensation for a peer-review procedure conducted by a panel of three experts.

Note: In the event that a final judgment is made to not recommend the submitted manuscript for publication on quality assessment grounds, the editorial board reserves the right “to withhold the processing fees” in this regard.


5. Sending proof of payment

     The author shall send a copy of payment of the processing fees to within 14 days following the submission.


6. Sending proof of publication

     The editors shall send two copies of the Journal’s issue on which the manuscript is accepted for publication to the corresponding author, or the first author in the case of multiple authors.



The jsn Journal Editorial Board email:

Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process.