A Study on Production Management of Asam Gelugur (Garcinia atroviridis) in Sai Khao Sub-district, Khok Pho District, Pattani Province, Thailand

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Atchara Niyomdecha
Wanwisa Ngampongsai
Chaiyawan Wattanachant
Jessada Rattanawut
Thaweesak Niyom Bundit


Production management of asam gelugur (Garcinia atroviridis) in Sai Khao sub-district, Khok Pho district, Pattani province, Thailand was studied. Thirty-five farmers were interviewed using questionnaires from August to September, 2019. The results showed that all of asam gelugur was Garcinia atroviridis. They were grown in low land (51.43%) which is a production land size of 1,600-3,200 square meters (65.71%). The growing density was 1-3 plants per farm. Mostly, the seeding method (97.14%) was used for Garcinia atroviridis planting. The plant grew in clay loam and sandy clay loam (34.29 and 34.29%, respectively) using rainwater (94.29%). The flowers bloomed from January to February (88.57%) and most fruits were produced in February. The harvest period was from July to September, with an average yield of 100-200 kg/rai/year. The postharvest management was in the form of sun-dried slices (82.86%), preserved slices (8.57%) and fresh fruit (8.57%) which net revenue were 12,600, 40,716 and 2,584.23 baht per year, respectively.

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