Narkkhabut Paritat Journal It is an academic journal with the objective of promoting and disseminating quality academic work in the form of research articles and academic articles in the field of education. (measurement and evaluation Curriculum and teaching educational administration), humanities (traditions and local culture, literature, philosophy and religion), and applied social sciences. (Human Resource Management Marketing and consumer behavior Organizational and strategic management tourism management) of Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University personnel and the general public Every article is scrutinized by experts in related fields. which come from various institutions, 3 people per article Evaluated using a double blind peer-reviewed method.

Types of articles considered

Accepting publication of works in 2 types, both Thai and English:

  1. Research article
  2. Academic articles

Scheduled to publish online ISSN 3027-7779 (Online) 3 issues per year, 20 articles each, as follows.

Issue 1 : January - April
Issue 2 : May - August
Issue 3 : September – December

Article submission

The deadline for submitting research articles / academic articles for consideration is in 1 Word file format and 1 PDF file.

Download the file to prepare the manuscript.

If the article does not follow the format and guidelines for manuscript preparation as specified by the journal. The journal will immediately refuse consideration of the article.

 Article publishing fee rate

Owner of the work

Fee (Baht)**

Internal personnel*


External personnel


 *Inside persons are faculty, students, and staff of Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University, which must be the first name of the article only. (In the case of the first name but using the affiliation of another educational institution which is not Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University This is because the aforementioned work is part of the production from further studies at other universities. will be considered a third party as well)

**According to the announcement of Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University About the criteria Fee rate and compensation rates regarding the publication of articles in the journals of Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University 2022, announced on 7 November 2022

Collection of fees for publishing articles
Collected when your article “Passed by the editorial team. and is ready to forward it to 3 experts to assess the quality of the article” in the next order. However, the coordination officer will inform you before collecting the fee.

Ways to pay fees for publishing articles

Please pay the article publication fee via
Krungthai bank account. Hua It Market Branch

Account name: Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University

Account number: 816-1-03765-5 **only**

(Send proof of payment of publication fee to email

 * note:
     Payment of article publication fees "It is not guaranteed that your article will be published in the Nagabutr Review Journal" because the article must first pass through a quality assessment process from 3 experts and the editor. Therefore, the results of the consideration can be reported. Can it be published or not? However, if your article “Rejected for publication by experts or editors” The journal will not refund fees in all cases. (Due to the fees you pay It will be compensation for the experts who evaluate your article) so please be informed. Before submitting an article for consideration for publication

Vol. 16 No. 1 (2024): Vol. 16 No. 1 January - April 2024

Published: 2024-04-05


๋Jaturon Jutidharabongse

The Social Stigmatization Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Furqan Awaekachi, Wanchai Dhammasaccakarn


Roles and Functions of Stories and Myths of Lansaka District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

่ีjurairat rattichoti, Worrawet Wongsiri, sutee Sopalang


The life quality development of people in Nakhon si thammarat province based on buddhism

Phrapalad Aram Arphatharo, Kantaphon Nuthongkaew , Phrakhrusiridhammapirat


Community Network for Managing and Using the Ban Don Bay Area

Pongsagorn Thinkhotor, Abhiradi Kittisiddho , Jiddarom Rattanawut


The Application of Shadow Puppet Engraving Art in Wall Decorating Product Design

Chatchawal Rattanapan, Tuangrak Rattanapan, Maytira Krinatee, Chanyaphak Chaiyaphan


The Survival Model of the Hotel Business In the Southern Provinces on the Andaman Coast

Patarawan Wangboonkong, Amorn Thoongsuwan, Adilla Pongyeela


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