Effect of exercise with Thai traditional plays on emotional quotient of the primary school grade 4-6

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The objective of this research article was to study effect of exercise with Thai traditional plays on Emotional Quotient of the primary school students’ grade four to six. Thirty students of Thungpo school Cha-uat district in Nakhon si thammarat province were purposively selected to be the subjects in this research. The courses of exercise program were for three days per week. The total duration of exercise was twelve weeks. All subjects were measurement emotional quotient. The subjects were tested at three different periods, i.e. before exercise, after six and after twelve weeks. The obtained data was analyzed in terms of means and standard deviations, one-way analysis of variance with repeated measures and multiple comparison by Turkey-a were employed for statistical significant at the .01 level. The results showed that after twelve weeks of exercise emotional quotient score were higher than after six weeks of exercise and higher than before exercise. Conclusions were exercise with traditional plays promotion emotional quotient of the primary school students’ grade four to six.


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