Community Water Resources Management For Sustainable Agriculture

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Chataramongkol singhawiboon


Water is very important for all lives. The agriculture needs the water for the growth and to be food security. The physical planet has changed such as climate change, drought and others and these changes have made the water unstable. The hypothesis was “The water resource management and collaboration have a profound effect on sustainable agriculture”. The objectives were to 1) study the nesscessity of water for agriculture 2) study the collaboration and 3) find "community water resource management for sustainable agriculture approach". This research was a qualitative study which was conducted based on Walter Wallace Wheel’s Diagram, documentary research and indepth interviews in four areas.

The research found that: the valuable ideas and theories, roles and responsibilities for community water resource management for sustainable agriculture as 18 findings created an approach called “Community Water Resources Management for Sustainable Agriculture Approach: CWRMSAA Approach”. Thus the public sector, the private sector and the civil society need to work together for sustainable agriculture.

Therefore, the final needed impaction will be “Sustainable Agriculture” which consists of quantity of water, quality of water, future need of water, wellbeing, good mental health, water security and food security in order to be the quality of life of our future.


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