International Security After the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The purposes of this synthetic research are to synthesize international security after the COVID-19 outbreak. It collected secondary documents, including relevant agency documents, academic articles, research articles from 2020-2021 that have been published and appear in the online database Electronic databases, and the Internet. Forty two subjects were searched and fifteen subjects passed the synthesis criteria. The results showed that international security after the COVID-19 outbreak consists of 7 aspects : 1) international relations security has a tendency that China will increase the relationship with Thailand quickly due to the situation in China began to unravel. The relationship between Japan and Thailand is still sustainable and interdependent. 2) economic security, the government ensures stability, in epidemic control and prevention of outbreak, as well as relaxation to open places and travel to give confidence in dealing with the pandemic, 3) food and agriculture security, food and strong communities are built on robust foundations which is linked to production, food distribution through green market both local and urban markets, 4) social development security, the government help community such as pension increase for underprivileged or especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the handicapped, and young children in some areas, 5) migrant labor security, the public and private sectors should work together to promote, monitor and prevent migrant labor management in Thailand in every aspect, 6) health security and public health, Thailand is ranked as the sixth in health out of 195 countries and is also ranked at the top ten  of the world among developing countries in addition, it is number 1 in Asia, 7) financial stability, the Bank of Thailand builds stability and attaches great importance to reducing household debt problems. There are measures to create financial stability and support entrepreneurs to cope with the epidemic.

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