Elderly Health Promotion by Community Participation of Monpin sub-district, Fang district, Chiang Mai Province

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Pratana Govittayangkull
Apiradee Jeenkram
Sirinnicha Punchaariyakun
Karun Ratanatham
Yingyong Pongnirand


         The purposes of research were: 1) to analyze the problem context of need assessment for elderly health promotion by community participation of the Monpin sub-district and 2) to encourage the elderly health promotion. The target group were: 1) the 50 elderly people who live in the village of Monpin sub-district by purposive sampling from elderly who had good health, were not the bed bound patients and to be willing the volunteers of the research and 2) 58 people of village health volunteer. The research instruments were interview form, group conversation form, questionnaire, elderly health assessment form and knowledge of health literacy form. Data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, average, standard deviation and content analysis.

         The results of this research: 1) the results of the analysis of problems and needs showed that most of the elderly had physical health problems such as body pain, Osteoporosis, and chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Mental health, they are not worried about themselves and their family. Socially, they have an understanding of changes. The elderly have a need to enhance their physical health, mentally, and socially so that they can take care of themselves without being a burden to their children 2) effects of the health promotion process for the elderly by community participation found that most of them had a body mass index within the normal weight range. Muscle strength was good and consumption habits were good. Cognitive status in the elderly has normal brain function. Mental and social health, the most elderly had high self-esteem after participating in health promotion activities through community participation.

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