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Supansa Krogsomrong


This research article had the objectives as follows : To find the desirable outcomes and guidelines for achieving the desirable outcomes of Educational Opportunity Extension Schools in Ranong Province.The research methodology used Ethnographic Delphi Futures Research.The key informants were 19 experts comprising of 3 groups. The instruments for collecting the data were unstructured interview and questionnaire.The statistics used in this research were Mode, Median, Interquartile range and content analysis. The finding of this research was shown that : The desirable outcomes of Educational Opportunity Expansion Schools in Ranong Province, Is a multiple component and a multiple method and composed of 10 dimensions with 96 variables ; 1) The School has standard quality of basic education 2) The students has a standard quality of basic education. 3) The teacher has intellectual skills and integrated competencies. 4)The teacher has a good quality of life.5) The administrator has knowledge and ability in school administration. 6) The administration with good governance. 7) The student parents are involved in the planning and improvement of the school administration. 8) The Promotion of knowledge skills and career skills in the curriculum. 9) There is an Organization of the environment and learning resources ,that is conducive to learning and teaching. 10) There is continuous monitoring and evaluation.


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Krogsomrong, S. (2020). DESIRABLE OUTCOMES OF EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY EXPANSION SCHOOLS IN RANONG PROVINCE. Journal of Yanasangvorn Research Institute Mahamakut Buddhist University, 11(1), 32 - 40. Retrieved from
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