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Nuttapong Jaturachadsukol


                  Objectives of the research were Administrative System Reform of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare. It presents the concept of management system, policy implementation (Policy Implementations) and labor Welfare by managing the welfare of all workers. And the reform of the labor management system clearly by adopting a multilateral approach whereby parties are involved in labor decision-making a new approach to human resource management in the public sector in the civil service. The ultimate goal is set so that operators can perform to their full potential and efficiency. Achieve the mission of the state and meet the needs of the people The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare is an agency that has a mission to manage labor force both in the formal and informal sectors. Employers, employees, and business establishments are important factors in driving the Thai economy to be strong to compete in the international arena. However, in driving the above mechanism, personnel from various related sectors play an important role. Especially personnel under the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare is aware of its role and responsibility in developing personnel to have the potential to perform professional labor missions. According to the new government personnel management guidelines to keep pace with the changing trends this is consistent with the future direction of the labor sector and the strategic policy of the Ministry of Labor.


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