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Sikarin Chuensomboon


        The Research “Moral Leadership of Property Management Executives” is primarily quantitative research and qualitative research is complementary. The purpose of the study is to study the current management situation about leadership and to create a leadership model for property managers. By studying and analyzing demographic data or personal factors of the respondents, and collecting data from a sample of 400 property managers of housing estates and condominiums in Bangkok and surrounding area to provide information about the current state of ethical leadership of property managers. Then create a model of ethical leadership of property managers, check the accuracy and appropriateness of the model, and conduct qualitative checks to find the suitability and feasibility of the model of ethical leadership of property managers by in-depth interviews (In-depth Interview) of experts to check the accuracy of the content of the opinion questionnaire and the expert interview form.

               The results of the research found that “Moral Leadership of Property Management

Executives” should have 4 ethical qualities that property managers must have:  

  1. GOOD ROLE MODEL: Being a good role model in ethical work

  2. TRANSPARENCY: Being transparent in work

  3. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGAMENT: Working equally

  4. COMMUNICATION SKILL: Having skills, knowledge and communication ability

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