Reduction Waste from the waiting in the supply chain of laboratory diagnostic procedures in clinical chemistry

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 Wastage from the waiting period resulted in delaying Clinical chemistry Laboratory. The purposes of this study were to investigate the wastage and the causes of supply-side wastage in the supply chain of clinical chemistry laboratory analyzing process under IDEF and MOPH 4.0, and to find guideline for waste reduction: a case studies of department of medical technology at Namphong Hospital, Khonkaen. The main informants were 15 staff from related work task. The results of the study showed the wastes caused by two waiting activities; waiting for the result printing, and waiting to get the results. By applying How-How decision tool to analyze cause of wasting, seven causes were found. In order to cut down ineffective activities ECRS and MOPH 4.0 were applied,  and used software programs to make the reporting system easier and faster. As a result, the process was reduced from 10 activities to 8 activities. The total time reduced from 70 minutes to 41 minutes, and the cost was expected to be reduced to 20,290 Baht per year.


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