A Structural Equation Modeling of The Effects of Logistics Service Quality on The Customer Satisfaction, Trust and Loyalty in E-commerce Business

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Kanpitcha Patthanakitthanachot
Sawat Wanarat


The objectives of this study are (1) study logistics services quality, trust, satisfaction, and loyalty of service users, (2) study logistics services quality and loyalty of service users, (3) study transport trust and loyalty of service users, and (4) study customer satisfaction and loyalty of service users. The sample comprises 400 parcel delivery service users, and a non-probability sampling method was used. The questionnaire is a research instrument for collecting data and the data collected were analyze using a Structural Equation Model (SEM) based on IBM SPSS Amos program version 22.


The results revealed that (1) operation logistics services quality has a direct impact on satisfaction with the path coefficient at 0.73, (2) operation logistics services quality has a direct impact on the loyalty of service users with the path coefficient of 0.73, (3) satisfaction has a direct impact on the loyalty of service users with the path coefficient at 0.58, and (4) trust has a direct impact on the loyalty of service users with the path coefficient at 0.16 that was statistically significant at 0.05.Therefore, from the analysis, it was found that the organization improves logistics service quality of operation logistics services quality it should promote, relationship logistics services quality, satisfaction, and trust to increase customer loyalty.


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Patthanakitthanachot, K., & Wanarat, S. (2022). A Structural Equation Modeling of The Effects of Logistics Service Quality on The Customer Satisfaction, Trust and Loyalty in E-commerce Business. Kasetsart Applied Business Journal, 16(24), 29–48. Retrieved from https://so04.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/KAB/article/view/252877


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