The Study of the Economic Role of Women and the Trend of Japanese Society

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Ajjima Wacharaporn


Since 1990 Japan has experienced the economic recession due to economic crisis and several natural disasters and that affected the gender role specification system. The gender role specification became weakened and that allowed women to participate in the area of men more, not only in the labor market but also in politics. Nowadays, Japanese women have a role in economics increa singly such as in business organizations, government or even political area. Moreover, Japanese women have stepped into executive
roles at both corporate and national level. However, the in fluence of the former gender role system is rooted in many aspects of Japanese society. It is a major obstacle to slowing down the economic role of women. To solve this problem, first, we should reduce the working hours and work overtime as necessary so both genders, men and women, can work and take care of their children at the same time. Secondly, we should allow foreign workers in order to help alleviate the problem of inadequate nursery. Moreover, we should
educate the consciousness of “coope ration and gender equality” to families and educational institutions through the primary education system to achieve gender equality in both family and external society. Furthe rmore, we should help everyone in this society have a happy couple life as “Work Life Balance”.


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