The Promotion of Japanese Sake Exports under the Cool Japan Policy

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Piyaporn Chansuay


Japanese Sake is the one of Japanese traditional liquors. It's called Japanese national Liquor or Kokushu (國酒). After the year 1975 the consumption of Japanese Sake has decreased. In the year 2017, It decreased to one third of the maximum consumption in year 1975.  For this reason, The Government and Japanese Sake Makers have concentrated to increase Japanese Sake's consumption from overseas market. It was the beginning of the promotion of Japanese Sake Exports under the Cool Japan policy that promoting Japanese products and services including Japanese foods and Japanese Sake to overseas in the year 2012. This article study about the structure and the role of agencies or organizations that related to promoting Japanese Sake exports, the agencies/organizations' policy operation via Marketing mix and the example of Japanese Sake maker's policy application. Aim to understand the method and process of the Japanese Sake exports  to overseas and to be the knowledge for Thai products in the same industry or the similar industry.


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