Japanese Poems by Women in Hyakunin’isshu

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Attaya Suwanrada


Hyakunin’isshu is a classical Japanese anthology edited in 1235 by Fujiwara no Sadaie, usually called as Teika. Teika selected one hundred Japanese poems composed by one hundred famous poets, one poem each. In Hyakunin’isshu, there are 20 Japanese poems composed by women (not include Empress Jitou’s poem ) : 14 poems about love, 2 poems about spring, and the other 5 poems. This article aims to study about rhetorical techniques and beauty in these poems. From the study, it is found that the rhetorical techniques mostly used in these poems are kakegotoba(pivot words), engo(correlative words) and utamakura(a place with poetical association). All of them are the kind of techniques using a word to links to several meanings.  Furthermore, those poems which have contents about love express the poets’ loneliness and misery because of love and also reflect ‘ushin’, the  ideology of beauty with emotional depth, which is Teika’s poem style.


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