The Effect of the Project Based Learning to Enhance Creativity Instructional Media and Teamwork Ability of Undergraduate Students

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The objectives of the research were 1) to development the lesson plan with project based learning 2) to study the creative instructional media of students and 3) to study the teamwork ability of students. The samples were 20 undergraduate students majoring in Mechanical Engineering, faculty of Industrial Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi,Suphanburi who registered the Innovation and Information Technology in Education course in the first semester of 2019 academic year selected by purposive sampling. The research instruments were 1) a lesson plan with project based learning, 2) a creative instructional media evaluation form and 3) a teamwork ability evaluation form. Data were analyzed by using mean, percentage and standard deviation.  

          The results revealed that 1) The lesson plan with project based learning comprised of 5 steps: 1) setting a topic or problem identification 2) planning the project 3) creating and developing 4) writing project reports and 5) presenting at the quality level. (  = 4.46, S.D. = 0.22)  2) the results of evaluated of creative instructional media of students at the “high quality” level, (  = 4.25, S.D. = 0.11) and to 3) the results of evaluated teamwork ability of students appeared to be at the “highest”. (  = 4.54, S.D. = 0.35)


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